Regional Verification Commission for Measles and Rubella Elimination (RVC)


The RVC was established in the WHO European Region in 2011 to evaluate the documentation submitted by Member States with a view to verifying the elimination of measles and rubella at the regional level. The WHO Regional Office serves as the secretariat to the RVC.


The RVC comprises public health experts, including epidemiologists, clinicians and virologists. It includes a chairperson, a vice-chairperson and a maximum of eight additional members, all of whom are independent of the managerial and operational aspects of elimination activities.

Documentation process

The RVC works in close collaboration with the WHO Regional Office for Europe, and reports to the WHO Regional Director for Europe. Its main task is to provide periodic updates to, and coordinate technical and policy issues with, the European Technical Advisory Group of Experts (ETAGE).

The RVC has recommended establishment of national verification committees (NVC) in all Member States and suggested a standard format for annual status reports from countries.

These reports include information on measles and rubella epidemiology, virologic surveillance supported by molecular epidemiology, the analysis of vaccinated population cohorts and the quality of surveillance, and the sustainability of the country’s National Immunization Programme.

The review and evaluation of annual national reports will continue for at least three years after the RVC confirms that, according to established criteria, endemic measles and rubella transmission have been interrupted in all Member States of the Region. Only then can Regional elimination be declared.