WHO/Europe and ECDC release MESSAGE measles and rubella self-assessment tool

WHO/Europe and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) today jointly released "MESSAGE - MEaSles and rubella Self Assessment GEnerating tool". This self-administered, web-based questionnaire targets public health experts responsible for implementing preventive and control actions for measles and rubella. It offers a simple way for such experts to do a self-assessment of progress made towards eliminating measles and rubella and supports them in:

  • identifying progress and gaps in program planning;
  • evaluating the implementation process and preparing for the WHO verification process; and 
  • renewing their commitment to elimination targets.

By analyzing the main elements of a public health program, such as resource supply, surveillance, control measures and communication, MESSAGE aims to stimulate improvement of program activities for eliminating measles and rubella and preventing congenital rubella infection. The report automatically generated by MESSAGE can be used as a basis for further systematic and more detailed country-specific assessment and action. MESSAGE uses the WHO measles and rubella elimination strategic plan to suggest actions that countries can take.