WHO/Europe request for expert nominations

The WHO Regional Office for Europe requests expert nominations for:

1. European Technical Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization (ETAGE)
2. European Regional Certification Commission for the Eradication of Poliomyelitis (RCC)
3. Measles and Rubella Regional Verification Committee (MRRVC)

The WHO Regional Office for Europe is soliciting proposals for nominations for current vacancies for the above-mentioned advisory groups. Nominations will be carefully reviewed by the existing membership selection panels, which will propose the selection of nominees to the WHO European Regional Director, for appointment.

These three technical groups are the main advisory bodies to the Regional Director on issues relating to immunization and vaccine-preventable diseases (ETAGE), and specifically on the maintenance of regional polio-free status (RCC) and the elimination of measles and rubella (MRRVC). The groups report directly to the WHO European Regional Director and advise the Regional Office on policies and strategies related to immunization. Please see the links at right for further information.

New members will be acknowledged experts with an outstanding record of achievement in their field and with an understanding of the specific issues addressed by the advisory groups. Members are specifically sought with expertise in virology, vaccinology, medicine, behavioural sciences, health systems, immunization programmes and health economics. Experience in central or southern European countries, or fluency in Russian, would be beneficial. Consideration will be given to ensure appropriate geographic representation and gender balance.

Please apply by email to vaccine@euro.who.int confirming your interest in the relevant expert group, availability and commitment to serve. Please provide an up-to-date curriculum vitae (CV), a letter of motivation highlighting what your contribution to the relevant expert groups could be and a declaration of interests form (which will be forwarded to you). Nominations for membership are required to be submitted no later than 31 August 2011.