Upcoming international symposium on rubella elimination and CRS prevention in Europe

On 8-10 February 2012, a symposium titled “Progress Toward Rubella Elimination and CRS Prevention in Europe” will take place in Rome, Italy. This international symposium has been organized to increase awareness about rubella and congenital rubella syndrome and to remind the medical community and partners in the WHO European Region of the effectiveness of MMR vaccination against rubella.

Measles are a recognized problem in the European Region, as countries continue to struggle to control outbreaks. At the same time, rubella appears to be endemic in some Member States and has caused outbreaks in others, as susceptible populations of unimmunized individuals still exist. Through monthly reporting in 2011, countries reported more than 32 000 cases of measles and approximately 700 cases of rubella. An additional challenge is posed by missing or inaccurate information on the epidemiology of rubella, due to the absence or underperformance of surveillance systems.

The target audience for this meeting includes: policymakers, national public health and financial authorities, national immunization programme managers, members of pediatric and infectious disease societies, scientists, researchers, pediatricians, representatives of bilateral and multilateral development and financial agencies and other partners involved in supporting immunization programmes.

The meeting will include presentations about the clinical features, epidemiology, diagnosis and control of rubella. On the first day, an additional session titled “Measles Elimination in Europe: A Necessary Component toward Rubella and CRS Elimination” will address the connection between measles and rubella.

The Sabin Vaccine Institute, together with the WHO Regional Office for Europe, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the March of Dimes foundation, has organized this symposium. The complete agenda can be viewed by following the link below.