Creating capacity to tailor public health programmes


Consultants from 8 countries attended a training workshop on 23–24 June 2014 on implementation of the WHO/Europe "Tailoring immunization programmes" (TIP) guide and related guides developed to promote uptake of influenza vaccination (TIP Flu) and support the response to antimicrobial resistance (TAP).

WHO/Europe aims to build a cadre of international consultants that can be called upon to support implementation of upcoming projects and assignments where TIP, TIP Flu and TAP assistance is requested from WHO or directly from Member States. The training conducted at the WHO Regional Office in Copenhagen, Denmark, provided a basic understanding of the tools used and shared the experiences of programmes and Member States that have already applied the tools. Consultants will be assigned upcoming projects and will accompany more experienced experts to build their experience in applying the tools.

This training workshop is an additional step towards assisting Member States in tailoring their responses to the needs of susceptible and vulnerable populations, or essential groups of health care workers, and improving the bottom-line impact of their programmes.

TIP implementation in the United Kingdom

Public Health England and NHS England are planning to implement TIP in north London, to better understand the motivators and barriers for childhood immunization within the Charedi community. One of the participants, Vanessa Rew, nurse consultant with Public Health England said: “We found this 2-day orientation workshop incredibly useful and timely. It gave us a greater understanding of the TIP process, learning from the experience of other countries and enabling us to discuss and modify our local plans. It was also a fantastic networking opportunity".


Social behavioral and culture aspects play an important role in improving prudent use of antibiotics. Knowledge alone is not enough to lead to behaviour changes in patients, prescribers and dispensers of antibiotics. WHO/Europe and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) in the Netherlands are therefore developing the "Guide to tailoring antimicrobial resistance strategies" (TAP), which is based on TIP. TAP aims to provide methods and tools to assist countries in designing targeted strategies that promote prudent antibiotic use, thereby lowering the burden of antimicrobial resistance. These strategies address a specific target audience, unlike “spray campaigns” (disseminated to undefined audiences without taking their specific drivers into consideration) and are country and culture specific.

The workshop gave participants the opportunity to learn how TAP can help countries increase the appropriate use of antibiotics and to share their thoughts and suggestions for improvement of the tool.