Pilot training on resource mobilization for immunization


The draft workbook was tested by immunization and finance staff and managers from Albania, Armenia, the Republic of Moldova, Serbia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Turkey. The publication is scheduled to be launched in April 2015.

By adopting the European Vaccine Action Plan in September 2014, Member States of the WHO European Region committed to immunization as a priority and pledged to ensure long-term sustainable funding of immunization programmes. To support immunization programmes in mobilizing domestic resources and ensuring political commitment to immunization, WHO/Europe is developing a workbook on resource mobilization for immunization. 

The workbook is being developed in close consultation with Member States and partners to ensure that its tools and guidance reflect countries’ actual needs and expectations. As part of this process, it was piloted during a 1-day training workshop with 6 Member States on 25 November 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Immunization and finance managers completed and evaluated the workbook exercises, reviewed support documents and training modules and discussed a proposed feedback and monitoring mechanism. Concrete suggestions for revisions and additions will be incorporated in future training, including more time to share experiences between countries and to provide feedback on each other’s challenges and possible resource mobilization actions. 

All of the participants expressed the need for a tool on resource mobilization and deemed the workbook beneficial and motivating. The workbook is scheduled to be launched during the 10th European Immunization Week, in April 2015.