European Immunization Week serves as backdrop for debate, education and training


Austrian health authorities host press conference together with WHO/experts and the incoming chair of the Regional Verification Commission for Eliminaton of Measles and Rubella, 22 April 2015

Following several high-profile measles outbreaks in recent weeks, all 53 Member States in the European Region are using the 10th anniversary of European Immunization Week (EIW) as an opportunity to direct much-needed attention to the topic of immunization. Across the Region, press events, blogs, technical conferences and twitter chats are taking a critical look at what needs to be done to protect every person from vaccine-preventable diseases and to maintain the hard-won public health improvements gained through immunization.

Innovative activities to reach specific target groups include flash mobs, video animations, movies in many languages and an online quiz. Several workshops are focused on strengthening communication related to immunization, and press conferences have been addressing both the accomplishments of the past ten years and the challenges that remain to achieve the Region's target of eliminating measles and rubella.

Photos and materials from many countries have already been added to the EIW campaign forum, along with featured posts by immunization programme managers, health bloggers, partner organizations, parents and other stakeholders. 

New WHO/Europe publications, statements of support for EIW and immunization stories that illustrate the importance of commitment are added every day to the WHO/Europe website.