Technical Consultation with Countries on the Proposed Framework for Verifying Measles and Rubella Elimination in the WHO European Region



In January 2010, an expert consultation on the proposed framework on regional verification of measles and rubella elimination was convened in Copenhagen by the WHO Regional Office for Europe. The purpose of the consultation was to review the process to document progress towards measles and rubella elimination and to review a proposed framework for the verification process. As a follow up to the expert consultation, a technical consultation with countries of the WHO European Region was convened in December 2010. The objectives of the technical consultation were 1) to critically review the proposed framework for the verification process in the WHO European Region and 2) to provide guidance and practical recommendations on the basic principles and components of the verification process, the structure and function of the regional and national verification commissions and the operationalization of the verification process. It is proposed that national commissions for the verification of measles and rubella elimination (MRNVCs) be established starting in 2012.