RCC Terms of Reference

The RCC will:

  • review updated polio eradication documentation from each country of the Region on an annual basis and report those findings and required actions to the Regional Director and to the national committee in each country; 
  • state, and update as necessary, the documentation (e.g. on immunization, surveillance, or laboratory containment) that will be needed annually from each country of the Region to demonstrate maintenance of polio-free status; 
  • conduct site visits to countries, as required, to review or verify their polio-free status (including laboratory containment of wild polioviruses);
  • work closely with National Certification Committees and guide them in the sustainability of the polio-free status in the Region;  
  • review national reports and documentation on laboratory containment of wild poliovirus in order to assess the progress in containment and recommend actions necessary to achieve laboratory containment goals within the European Region; 
  • submit annual reports to the Global Commission for the Certification of Eradication of Poliomyelitis (GCC) on sustained level of immunization, surveillance and progress in laboratory containment;  
  • bring unresolved issues to the attention of the GCC; 
  • validate, and update as necessary, the regional and national plans of action for sustaining the polio-free status in the Region and to certify to the GCC that polio eradication is maintained in the WHO European Region; 
  • when satisfied that containment requirements have been met in all countries of the Region, submit a report certifying this to the GCC; and  
  • when required by the GCC, submit a final report, after due consideration and if judged to be the case, to certify the continued polio-free status of the Region to allow declaration of global certification.