WHO/Europe launches new online laboratory reporting system

WHO/Europe has just launched its new online laboratory data management system (LDMS), an important reporting tool for the regional poliomyelitis (polio) laboratory network. This network of professionals, mandated by WHO/Europe, assists the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) in fighting polio in the WHO European Region through laboratory detection of poliovirus.

An online tool for laboratory reporting proved to be valuable during the recent polio outbreak in the central Asian republics and the Russian Federation. Seeing an opportunity to make the reporting process more streamlined and accessible, WHO/Europe worked to create an improved online tool.

The new LDMS provides laboratories in the network with a user-friendly tool for online reporting of results and access to reported data. The reporting process has been streamlined to save laboratories valuable time. In addition to its reporting component, the new site offers overall immunization profiles of the 53 Member States in the Region, and valuable resources such as laboratory manuals and biosafety guidelines.

WHO/Europe provides regular updates on the polio situation in the Region through a series of epidemiological briefs.