Tailoring Immunization Programmes (TIP): Outputs of pilot implementation in Bulgaria (2014)



The Tailoring Immunization Programmes approach (TIP) aims to help national immunization programmes design targeted strategies to increase uptake of infant and child vaccination. TIP was pilot tested in Bulgaria in 2012, and the lessons learnt from this project were incorporated in the "Guide to tailoring immunization programmes" published in 2013.

This supportive document presents the outputs of the pilot project in Bulgaria, in the form of three “custom solutions”:

  • to strengthen the number, role, reach and ability of health mediators to serve vulnerable populations and support general practitioners (GPs);
  • to increase the supply of accurate, trustworthy information on child vaccination and vaccine-reventable diseases on the internet targeted to caregivers; and
  • to improve the quality of the health worker – caregiver encounter.

The aim of the document is to facilitate the sharing of experience and lessons learnt in Bulgaria with other countries considering implementation of the TIP approach.