Tel’man Yuldashev

Tel’man Yuldashev, a TB patient in Uzbekistan (Photo: WHO)

I’m one of the patients suffering from MDR-TB [multidrug-resistant tuberculosis], telling you my story from a TB hospital in Uzbekistan.

I believe that I can help stop TB by being completely compliant with my treatment regimen and being committed to appropriate patient follow-up. I’m confident that my treatment outcome will be favourable.

I can also contribute to stopping TB by sharing this confidence with colleagues, friends and other people around me. I can motivate them to seek the advice of trained medical staff when TB symptoms occur, encourage them to comply with the prescribed treatment and help them not to interrupt their treatment. Last but not least, I can help spread the word through sharing knowledge and practices with all those concerned.

Sharing my experiences from my struggle to fight this disease is vital to helping others do the same, and this kind of sharing should ideally be linked to a flow of communication with doctors, nurses and everyone else involved.