Advocacy and civil society engagement in TB-REP

Advocacy and civil society-oriented partners in the Tuberculosis Regional Eastern European and Central Asian Project (TB-REP) are involved in implementing actions in various areas of work. These include literature reviews, operational research, contributions to developing human resources for health, capacity-building, advocacy and civil society engagement.

Nationally assigned civil society organizations (CSOs) are TB-REP partners that advocate in their country for quality TB services and ensure that decision-makers hear the voices of those who are most vulnerable to TB. With guidance and support from project leaders (the Moldovan Centre for Health Policies and Studies and WHO/Europe), they collaborate with national authorities to foster and catalyse the transition to people-centred models of TB care within their areas of responsibility.

TB-REP activities on advocacy and civil society engagement include:

  • contributing to the documentation of country experiences and lessons from collaborating partners;
  • conducting bottom-up regional and national advocacy programmes to engage countries; and
  • strengthening the implementation of people-centred models of TB care by supporting country-specific adaptation based on the perspectives of CSOs.

WHO/Europe advocates for engaging countries in ending TB and improving care for TB patients; builds capacity; and organizes regional dialogues to support the actions of CSOs. It also develops tools such as guiding principles (also referred to as a blueprint) for models of TB care that can be adapted and implemented in project countries with support from nationally assigned CSOs.