Surveillance and monitoring

WHO/Europe monitors trends in tuberculosis (TB), HIV/TB coinfection and drug-resistant TB by strengthening surveillance systems and promoting the analysis, dissemination and use of related health data and information.

WHO/Europe and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) have jointly coordinated TB surveillance in the WHO European Region since 2008, ensuring data standardization and quality across the countries in the Region. They share the data submitted by the 53 Member States and produce annual reports on TB surveillance and monitoring in Europe.

The European TB surveillance network

The European TB surveillance network is composed of representatives of WHO/Europe and ECDC and country correspondents from Member States in the WHO European Region. It is jointly coordinated by WHO/Europe and ECDC.

The network meets annually, usually back to back with the Wolfheze Workshop: the annual meeting of national TB control programme managers from countries in the Region, laboratory experts, WHO/Europe and ECDC. This is because the output of the European TB surveillance network – i.e. the data on TB in the Region – is the input for discussion at the Wolfheze Workshop, which focuses on a specific theme each year.