Progress of implementation of concerted action plans to prevent and combat M/XDR- TB



The Wolfheze Workshops 2013 aim to strengthen tuberculosis (TB) control in the WHO European Region, with emphasis on sharing experiences and discussing progress and plans for the development of Region-specific guidance documents based on a consensus-building approach.

The tradition of the Wolfheze movement dates back to 1990 when the first Regional meeting on TB control was organized in the village of Wolfheze in the Netherlands. The Workshops provide a platform for national TB programme managers, health authorities, laboratory experts, national TB surveillance correspondents, civil society organizations and other partners to discuss achievements, challenges and the way forward. 

The Wolfheze Workshops 2013 will be organized in conjunction and in parallel with the Joint ECDC/WHO European Tuberculosis Surveillance Network annual meeting on 28–29 May 2013 (by invitation only) and the ECDC coordinated European Reference Laboratory Network for Tuberculosis (ERLN-TB) annual meeting on 29–31 May 2013 (by invitation only).