The European Tuberculosis Research Initiative (ERI-TB)


Research and innovation is a key area of intervention to end the tuberculosis (TB) epidemic, and is one of the three pillars of both the WHO End TB Strategy and the TB Action Plan for the WHO European Region 2016–2020. Improving the connection between basic science, applied research and development, and operational research supports action in this area, which is focused on the effective and timely development and implementation of innovative tools (e.g. new vaccines, diagnostic methods, medicines, and preventive and treatment regimens) and innovative methods of service delivery.

The Regional Office set up ERI-TB to advance TB-related research in the Region. The establishment of ERI-TB is a milestone of the TB Action Plan, supporting the achievement of the End TB Strategy and the Sustainable Development Goals within the Health 2020 policy framework.

ERI-TB objectives

  • Map ongoing and planned TB-related research activities in the Region; develop and update a regional research priority agenda
  • Facilitate collaboration between research institutions and key research stakeholders; identify and promote areas for further cooperation
  • Ensure engagement of civil society organizations, (ex-)patients and other relevant non-state actor representatives in TB research
  • Facilitate dissemination of research results and their translation into evidence-based policies and programmatic implementation
  • Document the funding gaps in research and share with potential funding agencies, bilateral and multilateral organizations

How it works

ERI-TB relies on a core group, providing expert input, and a wider network, comprising interested parties with no conflict of interest. Network members contribute to ERI-TB on a voluntary basis, by sharing their research-related work and providing input for ERI-TB documents; they receive regular updates on the work of the initiative. ERI-TB core group members are selected through a call for applications.

To join the network, email the WHO ERI-TB Secretariat at