High-level meeting to commemorate World Tuberculosis Day 2014: A report



The WHO Regional Office for Europe organized a high-level event to commemorate World Tuberculosis
Day on 24 March 2014, marking the discovery of the tuberculosis (TB) bacterium (Mycobacterium
tuberculosis) by Robert Koch on 24 March 1882. A high-level panel discussed the progress in, challenges
for and next steps in TB prevention, control and care in the WHO European Region, setting the scene for
further work on the prevention and control X/MDR-TB in the Region in the context of the new post-2015
Global Stop TB Strategy. Ambassadors and representatives of diplomatic missions of Member States in
Denmark as well as directors and high-level representatives of partner organizations participated in the
event, whose key aim was to keep TB high on the political agenda of decision-makers with the ultimate
goal of contributing to the elimination of this deadly but curable disease. This advocacy event raised
awareness about TB, thus contributing to better TB care in the Region.