Regional workshop on models of care for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis



The "Consolidated Action Plan to Prevent and Combat Multidrug- and Extensively Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis in the WHO European Region, 2011-2015" sets out the activities for Member States, WHO and partners to achieve universal access to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care of multidrug-resistant and extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis.

Since the publication of the Plan, innovative models of outpatient care, cost-effective and tailored to patients’ needs, have been introduced in countries as an alternative to inpatient care. In order to promote them, the WHO Regional Office for Europe held a workshop in Copenhagen on 17 October 2013 with the participation of priority countries such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.

Representatives from the Republic of Moldova, Russian Federation and Uzbekistan presented their best practices as published in the "Best practices in prevention, control and care for drug-resistant tuberculosis". At the end of the workshop, specific recommendations were made for introducing and/or expanding most appropriate best practices in outpatient care of multidrug-resistant and extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis in the participating countries.