The Regional Collaboration Committee on Tuberculosis and Care (RCC-TB)



The Regional Collaborating Committee on Tuberculosis Control and Care (RCC–TB) was established in September 2011 in response to the endorsement by the 53 Member States of the WHO European Region of the "Consolidated action plan to prevent and combat multidrug- and extensively-drug resistant tuberculosis in the WHO European Region, 2011–2015", at the 63rd session of the Regional Committee for Europe.

The second meeting of the RCC–TB steering group was held in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 11 November 2013, involving 34 participants (steering group members and observers, including 15 representatives from WHO country offices in the Region). The meeting was conducted in English and Russian with simultaneous translation and was organized to coincide with several regional meetings held during the same calendar week. This report briefly summarizes outputs from the presentations, plenary discussions and working-group sessions and indicates future actions.