Regional consultation meeting on the development of the Tuberculosis Action Plan for the WHO European Region, 2016-2020 (Copenhagen, Denmark, 27 November 2014)



The post-2015 global End TB Strategy was endorsed by the sixty-seventh sesssion of the World Health Assembly in May 2014. This strategy now needs to be adapted to the regional context under a new tuberculosis (TB) action plan covering the period 2016-2020.

This regional consultation was held to discuss the draft Tuberculosis Action Plan for the WHO European Region, 2016-2020 (TB-AP 2016-2020). Participants share lessons learned from implementing the Consolidated Action Plan to Prevent and Combat Multidrug- and Extensively Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis in the WHO European Region, 2011-2015 (MAP 2011-2015) and provided expert commentary on the structure and main proposed interventions of the new regional Action Plan. The new Plan is built around the three pillars of the WHO End TB Strategy:

  1. integrated, patient-centred care and prevention
  2. bold policies and supportive systems
  3. intensified research and innovation.

The Plan is expected to be finalized in May 2015 and submitted for approval by the WHO Regional Committee in September 2015.