Report of the second meeting of the ERI-TB core group (2017)



The goal of ending the global tuberculosis (TB) epidemic by 2035 was set by the WHO End TB Strategy and endorsed by the World Health Assembly in May 2014. The strategy aims to reduce TB deaths by 95% and cut new cases by 90% between 2015 and 2035, and ensure that no family is burdened with catastrophic expenses due to TB.

The development and implementation of innovative tools (such as new vaccine(s), diagnostics, medicines, preventive and treatment regimens, and innovative service deliveries) is essential to achieving the goal and targets. Effective and timeous development and implementation of the new tools should be supported by intensified efforts across the continuum of basic science to applied research and development and operational research. With this in mind, the WHO Regional Office for Europe has launched the European Tuberculosis Research Initiative (ERI-TB), whose mission is to advance TB-related research in the European Region.

This reports summarises discussions and actions from the second meeting of the ERI-TB core group held in Copenhagen, Denmark on 17 January 2017.