Technical Advisory Group on Tuberculosis for The WHO European Region. Report of the Eleventh Meeting (2017)



The Eleventh Meeting of the European Technical Advisory Group on Tuberculosis Control was held in Copenhagen on 13–14 February 2017. The specific objectives of the meeting were to:

  • review the progress made in implementing the recommendations of the Tenth Meeting of the Technical Advisory Group on Tuberculosis Control (9–10 November 2015);
  • review the implementation of the Tuberculosis Action Plan for the World Health Organization (WHO) European Region 2016–2020;
  • review tuberculosis epidemiology in the WHO European Region, including the burden and trends; and
  • advise WHO on how to make further progress in promoting and assisting TB/HIV collaboration, improving the diagnosis and treatment of latent TB infection, and promoting and assisting TB elimination efforts in low-incidence countries.

The Group made a number of recommendations to the Director of the WHO Regional Office for Europe.