WHO meeting to develop a regional action plan on invasive species of mosquitoes in Europe

6–7 June 2012, The Hague, Netherlands

Its aim was to develop a regional framework for effective surveillance and control of invasive species of mosquitoes in the WHO European Region. The specific objectives were:

  • to review the global situation and regional framework for prevention and control of dengue and chikungunya fever;
  • to review the spread of invasive mosquito species, including Aedes albopictus, and mosquito-borne arboviral diseases in Europe;
  • to share experience with the surveillance, containment and control of invasive mosquitoes and identify problems and challenges;
  • to streamline mechanisms for more effective partnership action, including greater advocacy at the regional level; and
  • to agree on a regional framework to control invasive species of mosquitoes and reduce their distribution range in countries in the WHO European Region.