World Malaria Day 2011 in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan Health Communication Association

From left: Dr Suleyman Mammadov, Director of the National Malaria Programme, and Mr Elkhan Gasimov, WHO Azerbaijan

Activities on World Malaria Day this year focused on raising media awareness about the progress and achievements of the national malaria programme, and key messages for the public. Representatives from 15 newspapers and news agencies took part in a media workshop.

The workshop was organized in Baku, in cooperation with the Azerbaijan Health Communication Association and the USAID Primary Health Care Strengthening Project. Speakers from the WHO Office in Azerbaijan and the National Malaria Programme participated in the lively debate.

Malaria in Azerbaijan

From 1997–2009, as a result of intensive control interventions, the malaria situation in the country continued to improve. Only 50 locally acquired cases of P.vivax malaria were reported in 2010. Malaria control and elimination interventions are supported technically and financially by the Government, WHO and other partners, and since 2009 have been complemented by the Global Fund. Azerbaijan demonstrates a strong political commitment to the Tashkent Declaration “The Move from Malaria Control to Elimination”, which was endorsed by the country in 2005. A national malaria elimination strategy for 2008-2013 and a plan of action were endorsed in 2008. The aim of the strategy is to interrupt local transmission of malaria in Azerbaijan by 2013.

World Malaria Day

World Malaria Day, celebrated annually on 25 April, is an opportunity to promote initiatives to roll back malaria and help generate broad gains in health and human development.