The WHO European Region remains malaria free

In 2015, the WHO European Region became the first in the world to achieve interruption of indigenous malaria transmission and, in 2016, to be declared malaria free. One year later, the Region has maintained this status, further contributing to the 2030 elimination targets of the WHO Global technical strategy for malaria and the Agenda for Sustainable Development. On World Malaria Day 2017, WHO places a special focus on prevention as a critical strategy for advancing towards these global targets.

In order to prevent the return of malaria to the Region, it will be necessary for European countries to:

  • sustain political commitment;
  • maintain vigilance to test and treat all malaria cases promptly;
  • understand how malaria transmission could be reintroduced and the risk it poses; and
  • prepare to take immediate action if local malaria transmission resumes.

In July 2016 in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, WHO convened its first high-level meeting on prevention of malaria reintroduction. There, 10 at-risk European countries committed to strengthening their efforts to protect their populations from the risk of re-exposure to malaria.