Surveillance and control of invasive species of mosquitoes in the WHO European Region



2013 This is a report of a meeting on the development of a regional strategy conducted in The Hague, Netherlands, 6–7 June 2012.

Recent reports on introductions and invasions of exotic mosquitoes in the WHO European Region have raised concern about the potential spread of these species across the region and their implications for public health by causing nuisance and transmission of infectious diseases. The threat is further manifested by the recent emergence or re-emergence of dengue and chikungunya in southern Europe, which justifies immediate action against invasive mosquitoes. However, current surveillance systems to detect invasions are inadequate and human resources are lacking in many countries and areas. The preparedness in the region to respond with appropriate action, in terms of containment or control of invasive mosquitoes, is insufficient and is not supported by legislation. This report recommends areas of work for Member States and other partners to address this emerging threat.