Outlining a strategic framework on leishmaniasis control



Tbilisi, Georgia, 16-18 April 2013 Recent resolutions of the World Health Organization have highlighted the urgent need for updated information on leishmaniasis in the WHO European Region. Leishmaniasis is considered a neglected disease with an underestimated public health burden. Cases of visceral and cutaneous leishmaniasis are found in western European, Balkan, south Caucasian and central Asian countries as well as in Turkey. The complex nature of the disease, characterized by high morbidity and mortality rates, especially among children, is a matter of concern in the Region. In recent years, as a result of co-infection with HIV, there has been an increase in adult cases of visceral leishmaniasis that are difficult to diagnose and treat. This report underlines the need to develop a strategic framework on leishmaniasis control to address the existing challenges and problems in the Region.