Manual on case management and surveillance of the leishmaniases in the WHO European Region (2017)




2017, vi + 62
ISBN 978 92 89052 51 1
This publication is only available online.

This manual makes recommendations on a standardized approach to the case management and epidemiological surveillance of the leishmaniases across the WHO European Region. It was conceived as a practical guide for health workers dealing with the difficult task of diagnosing and treating different clinical forms of leishmaniasis, and for public health workers involved in surveillance systems for infectious diseases. Stepwise decision algorithms are presented for clinical and laboratory diagnosis, as well as for the treatment of various leishmaniasis entities endemic or frequently imported in the Region.

The manual provides case and treatment outcome definitions for epidemiological surveillance. Particular attention is given to establishing monitoring and evaluation systems that provide sets of indicators allowing the performance of leishmaniasis control strategies to be properly assessed. Annexes include epidemiological information, antileishmanial drug information, and detailed standard operating procedures for diagnosis and treatment.