Malaria in the WHO European Region. On the road to elimination 2000–2015. Summary (2018)



2018, iv + 40 pages
ISBN 978 92 890 5311 2
This publication is only available online.

This is an English version and summary of a Russian publication on the elimination of malaria in the WHO European Region. Through the considerable efforts of affected countries, WHO and the international community, the European Region became the first WHO region to interrupt transmission of indigenous malaria. The report summarizes the lessons learnt, experiences accumulated and results achieved in curbing epidemics and outbreaks after malaria resurgence, eliminating malaria and preventing the re-establishment of its transmission in malaria-affected countries and the entire Region.

The publication was prepared by WHO staff members and international consultants of the WHO Regional Office for Europe and national malaria counterparts who have been committed to and involved in epidemic containment, malaria elimination and prevention over the past 16 years (2000–2015). The publication is intended for health managers and personnel, researchers, teachers, students and everyone who is interested in tropical diseases, medical parasitology and public health.