Mosquitoes of the genus Anopheles in countries of the WHO European Region having faced a recent resurgence of malaria



2008 This paper describes the results of a regional research project conducted 2003-2007 in countries facing a recent resurgence of malaria in the WHO European Region. In the framework of the new WHO regional strategy aimed at malaria elimination, special attention is given to operational research. Malaria research capabilities are weak in most of the affected countries of the Region, and poor quality of research may lead to inappropriate changes in policy and practice.

In order to update the scientific knowledge on malaria, the WHO Regional Office for Europe has initiated a regional programme on operational research related to malaria entomology and vector control, which is being carried out successfully with the assistance of research institutions and partners in affected countries of Middle Asia and South Caucasus. The objectives of the research are closely tied to the particular situation and problems identified within a single country or a group of neighbouring countries. The identification and geographical distribution of Anopheles mosquitoes, prevalence of sibling species and their role in malaria transmission, taxonomy, biology and ecology of malaria vectors are of particular interest in the Region.