Expert advisory group to develop online train-the-trainer screening and brief interventions toolkit


An expert advisory group met in Lyngby, Denmark on 10 June 2016 to review a draft train-the-trainer toolkit, which is being developed to support Member States in introducing or expanding screening and brief intervention programmes in primary health care settings. The draft toolkit consists of PowerPoint modules on facts about alcohol, alcohol screening tools, practitioners' approach to providing a brief intervention, monitoring and evaluation, among others. The toolkit also includes training resources, such as videos and infographics. The final version will be freely accessible on the WHO/Europe website in English and Russian.

These activities receive funding from the European Union (EU) in the frame of its Health Programme 2014–2020 and from the Russian Federation.

The meeting and toolkit are part of a three-year project entitled monitoring of national policies related to alcohol consumption and harm reduction, which aims to support EU and WHO collaboration in the monitoring and surveillance of EU and WHO European Region Member States' progress in reducing the harmful use of alcohol.

Screening and brief intervention: an important policy option

Evidence supports the widespread implementation of screening and brief intervention programmes in primary care for individuals with hazardous and harmful alcohol consumption as a means to reduce ill health and premature death. However, currently, very few of these individuals are actually identified and offered brief advice. Under the area of health services' response, the "European action plan to reduce the harmful use of alcohol 2012–2020" promotes government investments in early identification and brief advice programmes, by, for instance, ensuring that primary care providers receive the training and clinical materials they need to set up such programmes.