European strategic action plan 2011-2020

The European strategic action plan on antibiotic resistance was adopted by Member States of the WHO European Region in September 2011. It covers the following 7 key areas of action.

  1. Promote national intersectoral coordination by developing comprehensive national action plans and establishing multisectoral and interdisciplinary coordination mechanisms.
  2. Strengthen surveillance of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) through national surveillance systems, collecting, analysing and reporting data to monitor trends.
  3. Strengthen surveillance and promote stewardship of antimicrobial drug use using national mechanisms for coordination, developing national guidelines for prudent use of antibiotics and surveillance of antibiotic consumption.
  4. Strengthen surveillance of resistance to and use of antimicrobial agents in the food animal industry through prudent use of antibiotics in these sectors, and integrate systems for surveillance of antibiotic resistance and use.
  5. Improve infection control and stewardship of AMR in health care settings by preventing hospital-acquired infections, and establish hospital infection control and surveillance committees.
  6. Promote research and innovation on new drugs and technology by sharing information on promising research areas and taking an active role in research for governments and academic networks, facilitating national and international task forces.
  7. Ensure patient safety and improve awareness of antimicrobial use and resistance through educational initiatives, behaviour change campaigns and awareness programmes for health care providers and the public. Moreover, establish broad partnership at national, regional and global levels.