Building national capacity in food safety


WHO/Europe supports Member States in building capacity to manage food safety challenges

WHO/Europe gives priority to building national capacity to manage food safety challenges through targeted training courses in Member States. Courses address:

  • development of mechanisms and tools for an intersectoral food safety system with a “whole food chain” approach;
  • promoting intersectoral collaboration between various parties responsible for foodborne diseases management;
  • strengthening monitoring of contamination of chemicals and microbiological hazards, including antibiotic resistance, in the food chain;
  • strengthening surveillance of foodborne diseases;
  • emphasizing hygiene throughout the food chain and supporting the implementation of hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) systems in the food industry;
  • promoting timely and appropriate risk communication including consumer information (e.g. the WHO five keys to safer food);
  • supporting the establishment of appropriate intersectoral mechanisms for outbreak response and preparedness regarding foodborne diseases.

Training topics