Development of food and nutrition action plans in southern European countries. Report on a WHO workshop



Following a consultation in Malta in November 1999, attended by representatives of most of the 51 Member States of the WHO European Region, the Regional Office began a process to help develop food and nutrition action plans throughout the Region. The participants in the present workshop were from countries of Southern Europe. They met to improve the skills needed to develop intersectoral policies in relation to food and nutrition, and to establish a food and nutrition network for Southern Europe. This will enable them to promote sustainable development as well as regional cohesion and stability through the development of food and nutrition action plans. The 30 participants came from 6 countries and represented many different sectors related to food and agriculture including public health, food control, food safety, consumer protection boards, ministries of agriculture, social affairs and health, nutrition councils and universities. This show of interest and commitment across sectors demonstrates that the vital cross-sectoral links between nutrition, food safety and social concerns are being recognised and acted upon by policy makers.