First technical workshop of south-eastern Europe nutrition project



The South-East Europe Health Network was established in Sofia in April 2001 as part of the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe Social Cohesion Initiative.

At the Fourth Meeting of the SEE Health Network, May 2002, support was given to the implementation of the project “Strengthening Food Safety and Nutrition Services in SEE” within the framework of the Stability Pact Initiative. Subsequently, at the Third Workshop on the Development of Food and Nutrition Action Plans in Countries of South-East Europe, September 2002, the issues of nutrition and cardiovascular diseases in the SEE region were recognized to be common and of highest importance for all SEE countries. A project proposal was drafted entitled “Developing and Strengthening Food and Nutrition Strategies to Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases in South-East Europe”. The First Technical Workshop of the SEE Nutrition Project will finalize this proposal, agree responsibilities, discuss and agree future steps.