Healthy nutrition: plan of action to develop regional programmes in the Russian Federation. Report on a meeting




As nutrition is one of the important factors affecting public health, food and nutrition policies and plans of action are needed. Inadequate nutrition plays a key role in the development of many diseases. Both deficiency and excess of food leads to health disorders. Therefore, healthy nutrition action plans should be developed to prevent disease and promote health. According to epidemiological studies, nutritional problems, including overweight, call for action. Measures have therefore been taken, both at national and regional levels in the Russian Federation. One of the key tools to support the implementation of Regional action in the Russian Federation is development of a Guidebook "Healthy Nutrition: Plan of Action to Develop Regional Programmes in The Russian Federation". The purpose of this meeting in Arkhangelsk, September 2000, was to present the Guidebook and invite comments and recommendations before finalization. The “Arkhangelsk Declaration” was adopted endorsing the Guidebook.