Promotion of breastfeeding in countries wishing to join the European Union. Analysis of national activities for the promotion of breastfeeding



A questionnaire developed by the Steering Committee of the EU funded project “Promotion of breastfeeding in Europe. EU project contract N. SPC 2002359“ was sent to those countries wishing to join the European Union in January 2003. Participating countries included Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and the Slovak Republic. The purpose of the questionnaire was to gather information on the work that is currently being done in each of the countries regarding the promotion of breastfeeding. The information will be used together with results from EU Member States. Together this information, from 25 Member States, represents a major step towards the development of a Blueprint for Action to promote the prevalence of breastfeeding in Europe. The Blueprint for Action is expected to be finalized in summer of 2004.