National approaches to physical activity promotion

This project aims at facilitating the distribution of information on national approaches to physical activity promotion, including interministerial and intersectoral approaches and challenges to overcome in their development and implementation.

A working group led by Dr. Sonja Kahlmeier, University of Zurich, Switzerland, is collecting case studies on the development, content, implementation and evaluation of national physical activity policies in European countries.

The British Heart Foundation National Centre for Physical Activity and Health and the University of Zurich together with the University of Western Australia developed a tool for auditing HEPA policies, helping interested national agencies, institutes or other relevant groups promoting physical activity to assess within their own country the scope for policy actions aimed at promoting HEPA. The tool was piloted in 7 countries. More information on the development of the tool can be found in a recent paper in press with the Journal on Physical Activity and Health. A technical report will present results, conclusions and lessons learned.

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