Collaboration between the health and transport sectors in promoting physical activity. Examples from European countries



By Oliver Thommen Dombois, Sonja Kahlmeier, Eva Martin-Diener, Brian Martin, Francesca Racioppi and Charlotte Braun-Fahrländer
2006, 34 pages
ISBN 92 890 2191 8
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Physical inactivity is becoming increasingly prevalent in Europe. Yet walking and cycling can play an important role in promoting daily physical activity because they can easily be integrated as forms of transport into daily life at minimal cost.

This report offers a collection of practical examples aimed at supporting Member States in promoting physical activity as part of sustainable transport policies. The examples emphasize collaboration between various sectors that promote physical activity, especially health and transport. It presents the results of an analysis of their approach, the type and scope of intervention, the sectors involved, their evaluation and outcomes, and indicates directions for further work.

This review should inspire policy-makers and practitioners from the transport, health and environment sectors to work together towards the achievement of healthier and more sustainable transport.