Health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA) policy audit tool (PAT) - version 2 (2015)



This HEPA PAT provides a protocol and method for the detailed compilation and communication of country-level policy responses on physical inactivity.

The promotion of physical activity across the life-course requires the development of a multifaceted strategy across multiple sectors. There is much to be learnt from sharing information and experiences about what policy levers can be used and how to develop and implement a national intersectoral strategy.

This document contains an introduction and user guide for the HEPA PAT (along with the tool itself, for completing the assessment), including

  • sections on background information and context;
  • key policy documents and the development process;
  • scope and content of relevant policies;
  • experience of policy implementation;
  • progress and remaining challenges; and
  • a summary of the assessment completion process.

Completing the assessment using the PAT will provide a comprehensive overview of the breadth of current policies related to health-enhancing physical activity and can identify synergies and discrepancies between policy documents, as well as possible gaps. Using the tool to complete the assessment can also foster collaboration between government departments and organizations interested in HEPA. It can provide a catalyst for greater communication and joint strategic planning and actions, as well as fostering improved collaboration across sectors for future policy development and implementation.