Tobacco is an important public health issue and the single most preventable cause of illness and death in the world. The latest research suggests that smoking-related mortality has risen to 7.2 million lives annually, killing more people than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. Globally, the WHO European Region has the highest prevalence of tobacco smoking among adults (28%), including one of the highest smoking prevalence rates among women (19%). In addition to causing illness and death, tobacco is a driver of health inequities.

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HPV vaccination: protecting girls now from cervical cancer in their future

Cervical cancer profoundly changes a women’s life and her future. Over 28 000 women die every year in the WHO European Region of cervical cancer, and many more suffer long-term health consequences. On International Day of the Girl, 11 October, WHO/Europe focuses on the vital role vaccination plays in stopping cervical cancer and thereby protecting girls’ lives and their full future potential.

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