Historic moment for Ireland ahead: packaging of tobacco products will be standardized from 29 September 2017

On 29 March 2017, Ireland’s Minister of State Marcella Corcoran Kennedy signed the order according to which all tobacco products manufactured for retail sale in the country from 30 September 2017 must be in standardized retail packaging. This important public health success was achieved after years of work by national, international, governmental and nongovernmental organizations.

In Ireland almost 6000 people die yearly from tobacco-related disease and tobacco use. The standardized packaging of tobacco products is one of the evidence-based measures that will help the country to achieve its overarching goal of a tobacco-free Ireland by 2025.

Ireland joins Australia, France and the United Kingdom in enforcing standardized packaging legislation.  Several other countries, including Hungary, Norway and Slovenia, have made the same decision and are taking steps towards implementation.