Behavioural Insights Summer School (BISS)

Understanding human behaviour is the basis of changing it. WHO/Europe has teamed up with University of Erfurt to jointly organize a Behavioural Insights Summer School, focused on understanding the barriers and drivers to vaccination among key target groups. The course builds participants’ capacities to respond to challenges related to vaccination uptake or hesitancy.


The overall objective of the summer school is to strengthen the understanding and knowledge of behaviour change and behavioural insights theories, methods and application in national immunization programmes in the WHO European Region. The Summer School presents how immunization programmes can take the public’s perception into account, listen and obtain behavioural insights in order to tailor their services or plan an intervention. It includes an introduction to WHO’s Tailoring Immunization Programmes (TIP) approach.

The summer school applies an interdisciplinary approach in which immunization programme managers and staff work together with PhD students in psychology, communication science and behavioural economics.

The summer school is an annual event first held in September 2017 at Erfurt University, Germany.