All countries take part in European Immunization Week

The eighth European Immunization Week (EIW), 22–27 April 2013, will be celebrated in all 53 Member States through an unprecedented range of activities including workshops and radio shows. In addition to the local and national events taking place across the Region, WHO/Europe will launch a series of new resources for promoting immunization, and guest bloggers will contribute from varying perspectives on the EIW campaign site.

Schedule of regional initiatives


  • Launch of “Vaccine safety events: managing the communications response. A guide for ministry of health EPI managers and health promotion units”
  • Launch of a special video address by WHO/Europe Patron, Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark
  • Press release on the economic impact of measles: “Measles costs”
  • Guest blogger: Professor Paul Offit, co-inventor of the rotavirus vaccine, on perceptions of vaccine safety


  • Launch of “The guide to tailoring immunization programmes (TIP). Increasing coverage of infant and child vaccination in the WHO European Region”
  • Guest blogger: Dr Dina Pfeifer, WHO/Europe Programme Manager for Vaccine-preventable Diseases and Immunization


  • Guest blogger: Sigrid Poulsen, independent immunization specialist, on Denmark’s success in achieving high coverage for the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine


  • Launch of a code for a smart phone application to keep track of vaccinations for the whole family, which Member States are invited to adapt to their own immunization schedules and local language needs
  • Guest blogger: Dr Caroline Brown, WHO/Europe Programme Manager for Influenza and other Respiratory Pathogens


  • Launch of “Immunization highlights 2011–2012” covering the activities of WHO/Europe and its Member States in advancing immunization coverage in the Region
  • Latest “WHO Epidemiological Brief” with a summary of 2012 epidemiological data
  • Guest blogger: Dr Layla Mamazova, paediatrician in the Russian Federation, on her experience of parental complacency towards vaccination

EIW campaign site

The EIW campaign site is a meeting point where focal points from participating countries and other stakeholders can share information on and discuss their EIW activities and immunization more broadly. The campaign site now has over 250 members, including EIW focal points, WHO experts and partner organizations, and those with a general interest in immunization.

World Immunization Week

This EIW also marks the second time that all WHO regions have joined together for a World Immunization Week, giving a global perspective to the initiative. Stories and updates from around the world will be featured on the WHO headquarters web site.