New app will help parents keep track of their children’s vaccinations

WHO/Faith Kilford Vorting

Parents often cite being too busy or simply forgetting as reasons for not getting their children vaccinated fully and at the right time. WHO/Europe has developed a generic app code that countries can tailor quickly and cheaply into a simple telephone-based tool to remind parents when their children’s vaccinations are due.

How the immunization app works

  • Once the app is downloaded onto an iOS (Mac) or Android smartphone, the user enters information for his or her child or children, including age and existing medical conditions.
  • The user then receives reminders when vaccinations are due.
  • Once the child or children are vaccinated, the user checks off the vaccination and the reminders stop. A record of the vaccination is kept on the smartphone.

The app also provides direct links to immunization schedules and other useful online information resources.

Tailored to national immunization schedules

WHO/Europe has developed a generic app code and algorithm to accommodate different languages and national immunization schedules. National and regional health authorities can use the code to tailor and brand the app to their specific schedules quickly and cheaply. WHO/Europe will support them in this work. Further information is available by e-mail (

WHO/Europe is launching the app code as part of its celebration of European Immunization Week 2013.