European Immunization Week 2007




The WHO Regional Committee in 2005 adopted a resolution (EUR/RC55/R7) which urged all European Region countries “to support, where appropriate, the implementation of an immunization week within the Region for advocacy to promote immunization”. As a result, the first European Immunization Week was launched as a pilot in October 2005.

The second European Immunization Week took place 16-22 April 2007. A large number of activities aimed at reaching out to high-risk groups through advocacy, communications and supplementary
immunization. This report introduces the strategic approach and the activities carried out during this exciting week in April 2007.

Twenty-five countries from across the WHO European Region saw the opportunities of creating regional synergy and became actively engaged in the initiative. With the aim to strengthen immunization systems, in an overall context of health systems strengthening, the initiative targeted the individual challenges of immunization systems in each participating country.

European Immunization Week 2007 was a vibrant week. Ministers, first ladies, celebrities, experts, health workers, volunteers and many others joined the national activities and contributed
to the immense, positive press interest brought about by the initiative. In snapshots, 850 000 printed information products were distributed across the Region, more than 700 000 SMS, radio or TV messages were sent out, more than 200 workshops or conferences were held, and almost 1.5 million immunization shots were given to children to protect them against the vaccinepreventable diseases that kill and debilitate thousands of children worldwide each year.

The current report is based on the evaluation documents and feedback received from all participating countries.