Main partners include WHO headquarters, collaborating centers for the European Region, the networks of national focal persons and NGOs active in the area of injury prevention.

Health ministry focal persons for violence and injury prevention

Health ministry focal persons for violence and injury prevention were appointed in 49 Member States, and seven European network meetings have been held, hosted by the Ministries of Health of the Netherlands (2005), Austria (2006), Portugal (2007), Finland (2008), Germany (2009), Norway (2011) and Turkey (2012). All the meetings focused on key aspects of resolution EUR/RC55/R9, such as road safety, violence prevention, building capacity, surveillance and advocacy. Participants in the seventh network meeting supported development of a child maltreatment prevention plan as a priority for Europe. In addition, three global meetings of focal persons were held during the world conferences on injury prevention and safety promotion in South Africa (2006), Mexico (2008) and the United Kingdom (2010), with strong representation from European Member States.

Focal persons have supported the Regional Office by collecting data on road safety and violence prevention and have provided valuable input into policy development, such as the European child maltreatment prevention action plan.

Collaboration has also been developed with other networks, such as those of the European Commission directorate generals of Health and Consumer Protection, Mobility and Transport and Justice, and the European Alcohol Policy network, the South-eastern Europe Health Network and the Global Campaign for Violence Prevention (meetings hosted by the United Kingdom in 2007 and Italy in 2010).