Alcohol and interpersonal violence. Policy briefing



The European Region of the World Health Organization (WHO) has the highest per capita levels of alcohol consumption in the world. Drinking patterns and levels of interpersonal violence (such as homicide) vary widely throughout the Region. However, across all of Europe, health and criminal justice studies increasingly highlight the role of alcohol consumption in people becoming victims of violence and perpetrators of violence.

This policy brief presents the magnitude of the problem, and outlines a range of factors which can increase individuals’ risks of problems related to alcohol and violence. It presents examples of successful intervention which prevent and/or reduce levels of violence associated with alcohol and highlights the key role of health services. By presenting the challenges alcohol and interpersonal violence continue to place on public health, individuals and communities, judicial and other public services, the paper makes a strong point for concerted and coordinated action on the reduction of alcohol and interpersonal violence in the European Region