Progress in preventing injuries in the WHO European Region (2008)




By Dinesh Sethi, Francesca Racioppi, Birte Frerick and Naana Frempong
2008, ix + 40 pages
ISBN 978 92 890 7199 4

Injuries are the third leading cause of death in Europe and a threat to economic and social development. This publication looks at the progress achieved by Member States in implementing resolution EUR/RC55/R9 and the European Council Recommendation on the prevention of injuries. It reports in particular on the development of web-based tools comprising a database of country profiles compiled through a questionnaire survey and an inventory of national policies. Health ministry focal points for injury and violence prevention completed the questionnaire, providing information on progress in delivering on key items of resolution EUR/RC55/R9 and on the implementation of 69 selected evidence-based programmes to prevent unintentional injury and violence.

Good progress is taking place, and resolution EUR/RC55/R9 has catalysed change. The development of national policies for individual types of injury and violence varied from 86% for road safety to about one third for preventing youth violence and self-inflicted violence.

This progress report is essential reading for all in the health sector concerned with injury prevention. It documents that the health sector needs to commit to more widespread implementation of effective programmes both in number and coverage and to engage with other stakeholders in a multisectoral response to prevent injuries.