2012 UEFA European Football Championship: health advice

The UEFA European Football Championship (EURO 2012) is taking place in Poland and Ukraine from 8 June to 1 July 2012. With national authorities and partners, WHO/Europe has published a leaflet on the health steps to take before travelling, and key health information to remember when in the host countries.

Key points to remember

  • Before you travel, ensure that all your vaccinations are up to date, particularly against measles and rubella.
  • Make sure your insurance covers you for medical treatment in Poland and/or Ukraine. Take a copy of your passport and, if you have health conditions, your medical documents.
  • In stadiums and fan zones, locate the emergency exits and first-aid posts.
  • If you get diarrhoea, drink more safe fluids and avoid coffee, overly sweetened drinks and alcohol. If bowel movements are very frequent, very watery or contain blood, or if symptoms last more than three days, seek medical help immediately.
  • Avoid the risk of catching sexually transmitted infections.
  • EURO 2012 is completely tobacco free, completely banning the use, sale or promotion of all forms of tobacco in all stadiums, without exception.
  • The use, possession and distribution of recreational drugs in Poland and Ukraine is prohibited; if caught with them, you risk being put in prison immediately.
  • Temperatures in the summer can be high, so beware of sunstroke and dehydration.